Liz + Branden : Wedding
Seattle, WA

Every now and then we, here at Two Bird Studio, stumble onto something truly unique and inspirational.  Liz and Branden are just that in their recent vow to experience 7 destination weddings—in 7 different countries!   These two see the wedding as a common theme in celebrating love throughout the world.  It stands as the constant amidst hundreds of differences from culture to culture.  That’s why they decided to “Wed the World”!  Beginning in 2014, Liz and Branden set out to learn the differences and the similarities of how each culture expresses love by having a culturally traditional wedding ceremony in 7 different countries, ending with their home-based wedding in Seattle, WA.  That’s where we come in!  We leapt at the opportunity to photograph this couple’s traditional catholic wedding and the riotous, travel-themed reception that followed!  Their reception, complete with a surprise appearance from the Seattle Seahawks marching band, served as the perfect wrap-up to the ultimate destination weddings!  We are still reeling from all the fun!

Liz + Branden : Wedding
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